Balázs Czotter

Balázs Czotter – tennis instructor

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First Tennis Experiences

I held a tennis racquet for the first time at Spartacus Budapest in 1980, then in 1983 at BSE. From 1987 I was playing at MTK-VM, then at III. district TC and Építők TC.

Athletic Accomplishments

I had always been in the top ten at junior rankings. I became a Budapest Champion in singles and I was multiple national champion in team. I quit competing in singles due to a series of injuries at the age of 21.

Coaching Activities

From 1996 besides competing, I began junior coaching at Építők TC. Many of the players I thaught are still in the frontline such as György Balázs, Attila Balázs, Gréta Arn.

Leisure time

In my free time I enjoy parachuting and I am also a tandem pilot. Furthermore I like playing ice hockey and guitar.